NICOLAI G1 EBOXX with the new Bosch CX Engine

NICOLAI has been building mountain bikes for over 20 years, and for over 10 years electric assisted ‘eMTB’.

The new eMTB called the G1-EBOXX is developed and produced precisely for this riding experience. This is a special product because Nicolai is one of the few remaining companies to produce bicycle frames in Germany. In our own factory, all components are CNC-milled from high-quality aircraft aluminium and precisely welded together. The high-quality welding beads have established themselves as a trademark in the industry. A Nicolai bike can therefore also be recognised without a logo. All in all, the bike has unrivalled and incomparable riding performance.


Coleen e-bike

Jean Prouve classic bicycle going electric by Coleen

In 1941, Jean Prouvé designed an unique bicycle, easy to build in the war times. Original models of his bike are sold at Christie’s for more than USD 100.000.

The “new” version – with electric assistance, starts at €4.690 for the Elegance model. The basic model has a 250 watt motor in the rear hub to comply with EU maximums for pedelec bikes.

A classic styled bicycle with nice details.