Electric Trike from Hase Bikes

German based Hase Bikes has manufactured specialized since 1994. With the Kettwiesel Evo Steps model, they have introduced a full suspension e-bike with excellent stability due to the low center of gravity.

Shimano Steps motor

The e-motor provides assistance up to 16 mph (25 km/h) and harmonizes perfectly with your pedaling. With Di2 electronic shifting, you can change gears with the press of a button or let the system choose the best gear – automatically.

Full suspension for an ever-relaxing ride

The independent suspension system with air shocks makes the KETTWIESEL EVO STEPS a comfortable, full-suspension trike. A sway bar like the ones used in automotive design preserves the well-known KETTWIESEL feeling for maximum fun on three wheels. Down cobblestone roads or over curbs, the KETTWIESEL EVO STEPS always keeps its cool.

Adjustable frame

All KETTWIESEL models have a quick-adjust frame that can be easily adjusted to riders of different heights without having to shorten or lengthen the chain. The length-adjustment markings on the front boom make it easy to remember length settings for switching between various riders.


The folded trike has a maximum length of 3’2” (96 cm)

The new EVO frame is foldable – and the folding process is as easy as 1-2-3: just open the quick-release levers to release the seatback and fold the seat forward. Then open another quick-release behind the seat, pull up on the cord, and – presto! – the rear portion folds down and forward. The folded trike has a maximum length of 3’2” (96 cm) for easy stowing.

Source: Hase Bikes

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