PentaLock Bike Lock

What is PentaLock

PentaLock is a whole new way to think about bike locks. PentaLock is integrated with the bicycle frame of the bike and is designed as a bottom-bracket with locking, alarm, wireless key, and several other smart features: “We wanted to make a bike lock that cyclists actually liked to use, and at the same time eliminate the risk of theft,” says Emil Norup, CEO and co-founder of PentaLock.

To achieve the highly effective measures, the unit is integrated into the bike during the manufacturing process, which means the lock cannot be removed after being mounted on the bike.

The history

The danish company was founded in 2016 by two engineers, and started with a vision to stop bike theft altogether. When the idea comes to their mind, all relevant actors were brought on board, including bike manufacturers, the police, insurance companies, and even a former professional bike thief to get the best perspective possible.

Two product types

There are two versions of the lock, which is PL1, that is made for traditional bikes, and PL2, which is designed for e-bikes. The product works as both a mechanical immobilizer, and for e-bikes as an electronic immobilizer.

How it works

Mechanically, the immobilizer simply locks the pedals in a fixed position leaving the bike useless when locked. On e-bikes, the lock connects to the whole electrical system and completely disables the e-bike’s motor, controller, display, etc. when locked.


Furthermore, the locks come with a preventive alarm, placed in the bottom bracket, controlled by a wireless key,. If anybody tries to steal a locked bike, a +100-decibel alarm will scare any thieves away.

PentaLock is the lock you cannot forget to use. If you leave your bike for more than 30 seconds, it will lock automatically. And even better, it will open automatically when you come back.

Market entry

In 2020 production process has sped up the market entry. Emil Norup tells: “Although the product hasn’t officially launched, we are getting contacts from several bike manufacturers. But since the lock has to be designed and built into the bike, it is a good idea to get in touch early on in the process.”