Wilier e-race bikes

Cento10 and Cento1 lightweight e-bikes

Cento10 Hybrid is the racing bicycle with pedal assist that sets a new, very high, standard for the category. There are so many aspects that make it unique on the market: aerodynamics, total integration, lightness and greater riding safety, just to name a few. With the Cento1 Hybrid, we already reached a high level of quality in pedal assist racing bikes. Now, with the Cento10 version, we reach heights of construction quality that were unimaginable until a short while ago. You can redefine the limits of your own experience on a racing bike with with a design and level of integration that make it even more similar than ever to a traditional racing bike.Wilier

Harley-Davidson electric bicycles

Prototypes of Harley-Davidson electric bicycles with high-end components

The prototypes were displayed with H-D’s proprietary mid-drive motor connected via belt-drive to an internally geared rear hub.

One of the prototypes even sported an automatic shifting Enviolo continuously variable transmission.

All three Harley-Davidson electric bicycles also feature high-end hydraulic disc brakes clamping down on what appears to be massive 203 mm rotors.

Source: electrek