GM to launch e-bikes

General Motors will launch e-bikes in 2019

GM will add their technology and knowledge from cars into their e-bikes. Two models will be launched; a compact and a folding model.

The e-bikes will be sold under a new brand. The brand is not yet known – GM has “asked” the public for proposals. If you got a proposal for a good brand name, you should visit

GM folding E-bike to be launched in 2019. Photo: General Motors

Features and Benefits

  • Stylish and Modern: These bikes are born from the same design clay as cars, by the same award-winning designers.
  • Equipped with Integrated Safety Features: Includes rechargeable front and rear LED lights.
  • Smart & Connected: Telemetry systems that are inspired by GM’s 20 years of experience with OnStar.
  • Engineered with Innovation: You guessed it, the propulsion experts at General Motors have created a proprietary drive system that is small and powerful. Need we say more?
  • Joining Joy and Exercise: Want to ride your eBike to work without breaking a sweat? GM has you covered. Their eBike brings exercise to your everyday life.

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