ABS brakes for e-bikes

Safety comes first: The Bosch eBike ABS in summary

With Bosch’s eBike ABS, the probability of overrun is reduced. The rider benefits from more stability and better steerability, while using the brake better. The eBike ABS consists of:

  • ABS control unit
  • Separate ABS indicator light
  • ABS wheel speed sensors
  • New CMe ABS brake developed by Magura
  • Magura ABS sensor disc + brake disc

The set weighs around 800 grams. The ABS is automatically enabled above a speed of six kilometres per hour.

Front-wheel ABS

Wheel speed sensors monitor the speed of both wheels. If locking of the front wheel is anticipated during severe braking, Bosch eBike ABS activates and improves the riding stability and steerability of the eBike – especially when riding on slippery surfaces. Harmonious and sensitive braking behaviour significantly increases control and safety.

Rear wheel lift control

The intelligent rear wheel lift control of Bosch eBike ABS reduces the possibility of the rear wheel lifting when the front wheel brake is applied forcefully. The likelihood of being ejected over the handlebar is reduced. This enables you to use the front brake more actively and efficiently.

Source: Bosch

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